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How To Remove .micro file extension

How To Remove .micro file extension

Easy Step To get rid of micro file extension ransomware virus from your system.

RedBoot Ransomware or Wiper? The malware that encrypt files and also alter partition table

Ransomware has become an universal threat and recently researchers of Malware blocker has spotted a new threat known as RedBoot. According to the researchers, the malware not only encrypt files but also capable of replacing master boot record as well as modifying the partition table. It is one of the tricky and dangerous ransomware because it doesn't provide any option to restore MBR as well as the partition, due to which it is also considered as a Wiper. Really such threats are severe for a regular user and it is necessary to take proper steps to tackle them out. 

. Srpx Ransomware is such a threat which encrypt files and also alter original code of the specific files stored on the targeted computer. As suggested by malware researchers, it is another variant of Serpent ransomware which was detected in February 2017. Similar to a basic file encoder it is also designed to make the file inaccessible and demand ransom from victim to release them. To start its encryption process the ransomware drop its executable file which is known as Serpent.exe. To make its attack more effective, the threat also drop some additional files on the infected system. Files related with this threat can be found in following folders :

  • %Temp%
  • %Roaming%
  • %UserProfile%
  • %AppData%

In order to hide presence of its malicious file, . Srpx Ransomware inject them into the running processes of victim's computer. To make the files inaccessible the ransomware use combination of complex encryption algorithm known as AES-256 and RSA-2048. Similar to any other ransomware, it also attach an unique extension to each of the infected files which read as .srpx. Just like its predecessor, it is also capable of encrypting more than 150 file types and make the decryption a complex task. 

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Following successful encryption, . Srpx Ransomware drops a ransom note which read as “README_TO_RESTORE_FILES_t7Q.html”. According to the ransom note, user will required Serpent decryptor to make the file accessible again. The ransomware wants user to purchase the decryptor via specific site and by following some steps. But expert suggest to never follow the ransom message because it is a trick of criminals to extort money. Paying ransom is just like encouraging criminals for what they are doing. Ransomware also drop some other threat and expose computer to other risk. Hence it is necessary to remove . Srpx Ransomware otherwise it keep causing issues. 

Ransomware Prevention Tips To Save Your PC From Destruction

There is great chance that your computer will be next target of ransomware attack. Hence, following the phrase Prevention is better than cure, here are some tips which will protect your system against ransomware. 

  • Regularly backup your files : If you backup your data on regular basis then you can easily restore them in case of ransomware attack.
  • Avoid opening dubious email : Ransomware usually spread via spam email, so if you get any suspicious email avoid opening its attachment or link.
  • Keep your application up-to-date : Ensure that all the software stored on your system specially security software are updated.
  • Refrain from visiting unknown site : There are number of sites which may appear useful but they will redirect you to unsafe site where ransomware can attack your PC. 

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